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Apartments and residential structures

Api Spa resin floors for apartments and residential structures

Besides allowing a great creativity and a wide range of customization possibilities, resin flooring solutions are becoming increasingly popular among architects due to their ductility and extraordinary beauty. Thanks to their practicality and durability, Api Spa coatings are used for residential structures, as well as for the recovery of commercial and civil structures, becoming a cutting-edge Interior Design’s model.

In apartments and residential structures, resin floors are becoming an increasingly popular design element and have come to represent a turning point in architectural innovation thanks to their ability to adapt to various contexts.

Api Spa has seized upon this trend by creating systems with unique compositions. In fact, there is no resin floor that is the same as another. Choosing a solution of this type is also an excellent way to save time and money, as it can be applied directly above of a pre-existing surface and offers considerable advantages in terms of performance and durability.

The customer is thus able to avoid the inconveniences of dust and rubble, as well as the considerable disposal costs. After conducting a detailed analysis of the areas to be treated, each phase of the project is managed directly by the company.

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