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Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Api Spa Resin floors for chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Above all else, the resins used in this sector must be resistant to chemicals and must meet the necessary requirements in terms of impermeability, hygiene and resistance to impacts, abrasions and heavy loads, which are some of the most main features of Api Spa products and applications.

This is an environment that highlights and exalts the performance and versatility of resin, especially when the surfaces need to be decontaminated, thus rendering the floor suitable for applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Api Spa produces coating solutions that have been specially formulated for Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies, starting with the analysis and treatment of the infrastructures, which have proven to be crucial for places where an increased risk of chemical corrosion is present.

These specially developed solutions guarantee maximum hygiene and impermeability, as well as optimal surface protection, even in the presence of acids or other aggressive agents. Other key features include: seamless application, resistance to heavy loads and possibility of sanitization. All the floors designed for chemical pharmaceutical companies are also non-slip in order to ensure the safety of the workers.

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