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Api Spa resin floors for the electronics industry

In the electronics industry, where strong electrostatic charges may be present, resin floors must be antistatic and conductive. Their chemical and mechanical resistance, ease of cleaning, guaranteed impermeability and minimum thickness, are all elements that contributes to perfect performance in such environments and more companies are requiring it because of these properties.

Today, thanks to a series of formulations developed by Api Spa, it is possible to create surfaces that, along with ensuring the excellent performance offered by the material itself, are also antistatic and dissipative. There are various fields in which the accumulation of static charges on the floor must be avoided: electrical and electronics companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc., which is why the use of resin floors has become increasingly popular and is preferred over other types of solutions.

After carefully analysing the support, Api Spa provides special compounds for this type of application. The surface is prepared as if for a common resin floor and, after the inspection and data collection, the necessary application system is determined. In fact, the preparation of the supports and the methods for applying the conductive cycle must be scrupulously respected.

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