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Api Spa resin floors for the engineering industry

The floors in this industry must be exceptionally resistant to impacts and loads concentrated within small areas and must also be capable of withstanding exposure to chemical agents, oils, fuels, lubricants and other substances of daily use in this sector.

In short, they must be resistant to mechanical stresses and abrasion, impermeable to oils, greases, and fuels. For a maximum safety, it is also essential to ensure a seamless application, free of any joints where dirt can accumulate. These types of surfaces consist of a special support, which allows to obtain an optimal yield and excellent performances.

The floor can be customized according to specific requirements: Api Spa is able to analyse each individual situation, proposing targeted solutions with the most durable surfaces available. The application is further facilitated by the possibility of applying the resin directly above of the existing damaged surface, ensuring long-term results if properly maintained.

The physical and chemical stability of Api Spa products is an extremely important factor, as they can be easily cleaned and are able to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements. The resin-based compounds can be applied to any type of material and over any surface area.

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