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Food Industry

Api Spa resin floors for the food industry

The resins used for food companies are easy to clean and sanitize, to the point that the coatings are even used for the tanks with which the food products come into contact, offering suitable and long-lasting solutions. The same degree of attention is also dedicated to resin floors in the Food Industry, which are often subjected to washes, thanks to a number of systems developed by Api Spa. Large areas can be covered with products that are resistant to chemicals, impacts and high temperatures.

Api Spa coatings are perfectly suitable for these functions and meet all the requirements indicated by the HACCP safety and hygiene regulations, while at the same time taking into account the customer's needs.

The hygiene factor is extremely important for the realization of resin floors for the Food Industry and is essential in food processing environments, which is why resin is the ideal material for use in this field.

Api Spa provides for solutions that facilitate cleaning thanks to the absence of any seams or joints where dirt can hide and where bacteria can develop. The resin floors for the food industry are waterproof and durable and offer excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses. They even remain unaltered in case of spills that involves oily and chemicals substances, offering excellent durability over the years and preventing the formation of bacteria.

One particular feature of these coatings is that they are non-slip and are designed to ensure worker safety, especially in areas where water puddles can easily form.

Api Spa resin coatings are a guarantee of exceptional quality and are ideal for all types of activities performed in areas used for food processing operations, such as wineries, oil mills, dairies, farms and industrial facilities that produce fresh food products.


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