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Printing Facilities

Api Spa resin floors for printing facilities

Considering the fact that they are installed in places where storage areas and large pieces of machinery are present, including rotary printing presses, large-format flat printing machines and packaging lines, resin floors in printing facilities must be resistant to wear, dirt and printing liquids and easy to clean.

Api Spa offers the best systems available for the application of durable and impermeable flooring solutions at any printing facility. The printing industry uses many "sensitive" materials, not only for the production machinery, but also for the computers and the digital and photographic processes, which require an excellent conductive and antistatic flooring solution, due to the electrical wires and outlets that are often installed below the flooring.

Api Spa offers a complete range of products that are able to prevent printing stains, thanks to a one-of-a-kind waterproofing system, capable to resist to chemical and acidic substances, seamless and easy to maintain.

Furthermore, all the flooring solutions are even compliant with the most stringent current legislation in the field.  


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