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Api Spa boasts consolidated expertise in the Marine sector, including the Cruise Ship, SuperYacht, Military Vessel and Offshore Platform segments, as well as the passenger ship branch in general.

Over fifty years of experience, with a proud past and prospects for the future that sees the company engaged in several important and highly-qualified projects, having been chosen by shipowners and ship builders due to the prestige and functionality that have always distinguished Api Spa's craftsmanship.

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In the past twenty years, the company has completed hundreds of major resin flooring projects, covering large surface areas.

Over than 400 passenger ships have been coated during the construction or refitting phases and Api Spa's reference list also includes the application of resin flooring to some of the world's largest yachts.

Research and development, evaluation and analysis and constant innovation: these are the building blocks of every new realization, with the aim of creating products with a high level of aesthetic appeal and a lower environmental impact compared with natural products.

Customized and Made in Italy solutions, with a focus upon design and elegance, that allow the customer to take full advantage of the performance and the technical characteristics of the resin itself.

Api Spa resin floors are customizable and are developed by the company's own laboratories in Italy, the place where all the ideas and creations come from, that gives a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance even to the most simple nautical applications.

The various resin flooring possibilities offered by Api Spa are used for both interiors and exteriors, combining extraordinary aesthetics with optimal technical characteristics, including anti-corrosion and levelling properties, lightweight materials and the possibility of applying any type of finish.

Thanks to its ductility and flexibility of the material itself, the resin can be easily applied to Yachts, Military Vessels, Offshore Platforms, Ferries, Cruise Ships and passenger vessels of all types.


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