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  Api Spa resin for floors

Api Spa’s resin flooring solutions are a valid alternative to traditional products and are able to coat and protect pre-existing surfaces like tile, cement, metal, stone and wood, making them exceptionally strong, waterproof and dustproof. Thanks to their seamless application, they have a unique and extremely pleasant aesthetic impact.

They also offer numerous advantages: they combine an optimal aesthetic appeal with a high degree of practicality and are available in a seemingly infinite variety of colours. The physical characteristics of these coatings also render them extremely functional for any type of use, whether indoor or outdoor.

Api Spa’s resin flooring are extremely resistant to wear, they are anti-skid and they can easily sustain considerable temperature fluctuations.

Thanks to their impermeability and seamless application, they will not absorb liquids or moisture and are extremely hygienic and impervious to mould and bacteria.

They are suitable for use in the industrial building (shopping centres, outlet malls, carports, car parks, etc.), the commercial industry (aeronautics, automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical, warehousing and logistics, etc.) and the marine sector (cruise ships, yachts, offshore platforms). Api Spa resin floors are designed ad hoc, are customized according to the environmental requirements and are produced directly by the company's in-house laboratories



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