About Us

Api Spa is a manufacturing company leader in the formulation, production and installation of synthetic resin floors for industrial and nautical fields, which boasts over 50 years of experience on the national and international markets.

The company's wide range of products and proposals are diversified by sector, ranging from the nautical one, with the marine, yacht and cruise segments, to the industrial and commercial building areas.

Today, Api Spa is one of the most important producers in the industry scenario and since 2011 is part of RPM Int Inc Group, which is known internationally for its skill and competence. Over the years, the company has succeeded in establishing close relationships with leading domestic and international brands, thus disseminating the 'Resin' and 'Made in Italy' culture worldwide.

The diverse range of products that represent the eclectic world of Api Spa, which are differentiated according to their technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics, makes the company one of the most advanced in the entire resin flooring sector.

Api Spa has always focused upon the quality of its materials and their particular processing methods, with thorough research and development activities which gave birth to original flooring products with a high aesthetic and decorative impact.

Our skills

Api Spa designs and manufactures dozens of resin formulas using high-tech methods, suitable for producing a wide range of protective coatings.

Api Spa's consistent product quality is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard through the stringent control on design, procurements, production, storage, logistics, and after-sales service processes.

All the products are developed by the company's research and development laboratories, and many of them have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the individual customer.

Analysis and consulting

Analysis and consulting

Development and quality are fundamental aspects of all products manufactured by Api Spa, which, in addition to its own internal resources, also relies upon a network of qualified professionals, major research centres and raw material manufacturers, constantly working in close contact with the product installers.

The company's innovation, analysis and consulting have led to the development of resin-based formulations with original physical and chemical properties which can not be found in other materials.


Each project is preceded by an inspection, which is aimed at verifying the status of the installation surface, the environment, the constraints and the project's overall feasibility.

Api Spa requires a preliminary analysis of the environment to treat before the application of the resin, in order to assess the suitability of the surface, as well as a consulting targeted to structured projects to ensure the maximum yield.

Api Spa: the company specialized in the production of resin floorings for the nautical and building industries.

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