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Api Spa resin floors for hotels

The resin flooring for Hotels are becoming increasingly appreciated and represents a valid alternative to laminate, linoleum and simple tiles. These highly customizable and extremely durable surfaces are ideal for both interiors and exteriors, in structures where hospitality and a sense of feeling at home are of primary importance.

In these cases, it may be said that the environment and the aesthetic appeal are the company's true calling cards and this is why it is essential to dedicate such a great deal of attention to bringing out the look of these areas. Resin flooring systems like those offered by Api Spa provide an ideal support for hotels, combining technical efficiency with an air of elegance. In addition to being easy to clean, thanks to the continuity of the seamless surfaces, the various solutions like those proposed are also highly resistant to abrasion, for maximum durability over time.

The wide range of available colours, from cold to more lively tones, offers the customer the possibility of choosing various combinations, for a truly personalized selection of colours and decorative elements.

Nothing is left to chance: all the requirements are analysed prior to any intervention, with the before and after phases of the installation process being fully evaluated to ensure maximum performance. Api Spa resin coatings can even be used on pre-existing surfaces, thus resulting in considerable time savings.

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