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Cruise ships - passenger vessels - ferries

Api Spa resin floors for cruise ships - passenger vessels and ferries

From the most luxurious yachts to the most technological vessels, Api Spa works with the most prominent shipbuilding companies and shipyards around the world to create sophisticated resin flooring solutions designed to cover both interior and exterior areas.

Particular attention is dedicated to the design, precisely because the applications are carried out in a custom manner, directly on board, typically following the architects' projects concepts, but sometimes even using designs developed directly by Api Spa.

Api Spa also actively operates on ro-pax and ferries, a means of transport that is continuously evolving, with an ever-increasing focus upon the creation of hospitable and well-kept areas that are not only suitable for high levels of traffic, but are also aesthetically pleasing, which is why the use of resin flooring is becoming more popular.

In this sector, where there is a constant pursuit of new developments, innovation can give added value to the creative process, in which the consideration of the design is becoming increasingly important. But it is just as useful, for example, to consider the limitation of the weight values and the enhancement of the final project's performance levels. Api Spa products have high quality standards and are designed to meet these requirements, by modulating proposals with greater appeal and furnishing projects that improve the distinctive elements.

One-of-a-kind craftsmanship, monitored throughout each phase of the realization process, carefully selecting the materials to be utilized, with the possibility of creating polychromatic effects and customizable decorative designs based on the individual rooms.

For technical flooring solutions, Api Spa offers a wide range of epoxy and polyurethane resin products, all of which are IMO MED certified, including products with a low specific weight, extra-thick products, underlays for indoor areas, viscoelastic products, and solvent-free products.

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