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Military Vessels

  Api Spa resin floors for Military Vessels

Ships lead a life of their own, with pragmatism and distinction, which is why their resin flooring solutions must have strength and character. Creating a flooring solution for a military vessel means understanding its history and the performance levels required. Api resin flooring solutions are fully capable of meeting these requirements and act as an element of union, a seamless continuum that unites the interior areas, the exterior decks, the living quarters and the service areas.

Api Spa flooring solutions are ideal for coating interior and exterior decks, especially any locations where water may be present, including galleys, cold stores and any other environments that may require excellent waterproofing, as well as ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The flooring solutions with electrical conductivity characteristics are applied to the flight decks and some storage areas.

The flooring systems with vibration damping characteristics are used extensively throughout the indoor areas, on the decks that are most subject to these types of structural vibrations.

Water or solvent-based two-component finishing, smooth or matt, non-slip; all with optimal abrasion and scratch resistance characteristics.

Each material is preventively subjected to laboratory tests in order to evaluate its technical and functional characteristics.

The high level of resistance to foot traffic and the non-slip properties help to render the surfaces safe, thanks to the extraordinary mechanical and chemical performance of the materials developed by Api Spa.

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