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Offshore Platforms

 Api Spa resin floors for offshore platforms

Flooring that has been properly designed and applied, can increase the safety and the efficiency of the work environment.

Api Spa's resin flooring solutions for Offshore Platforms have been specifically developed by our laboratories for this purpose. Thanks to the use of the most advanced raw materials, the most innovative production and application processes, they are able to provide corrosion protection even in the most aggressive marine environments being also available with thermal properties.

The resin flooring solutions used for offshore platforms must have exceptional technical properties in terms of efficiency and durability. Complex structures that are always in use, at every latitude, work ships and special ships, where the materials are designed to endure over time, just like the resin flooring solutions offered by Api Spa.

The design of API flooring allows to have anti slip features together with very good mechanical properties. These formulations are the results the best selection of raw material, controlled industrial production processes and application techniques that are always updated.

The advantages offered by these types of solutions are further enhanced by the verification of the system used to support the resin flooring for Offshore Platforms, with the maximum attention dedicated to the various requirements and a design phase approach that always ensures optimal and long-lasting results.


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