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Yachts/Mega Yachts

Api Spa resin floors for yachts and mega yachts

Continuous and seamless resin floors for Yachts, available in any colour, easy to clean, flexible, with resilient properties, guaranteed flexibility and certified IMO MED. As well as being extremely resilient, Api Spa flooring solutions have a unique, elegant and "custom" aesthetic appeal. No other material has such a high degree of customization, and being a formulator, Api Spa is able to modify the colour, the effects and the application methods, in order to create flooring solutions that meet even the most sophisticated design requirements.

The high quality of the finishes is owed to the company's production of its own materials and its ability to offer a wide range of solutions and colours.

During the formulation phase, Api Spa develops resins with extraordinary performance characteristics, with the goal of always ensuring the best possible results, and meeting the customer's requirements. Each application cycle is specifically studied for the intended use, with maximum attention being paid even to the slightest details.

All the applications are completed using systems of the highest quality, which integrate seamlessly with the mood of the surrounding environment, in perfect harmony with the interior and exterior design.

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